September 8, 2020

Zak Kinsella

  1. What is your name / organization / title?

    Zak Kinsella

  2. What motivated you to become a maker?

    I loved comics growing up, and nothing else has ever been more appealing than telling stories in comics.

  3. Looking back on the early stages of your journey, what advice would you give yourself now?

    Charge in. Your art is part of your voice, but you're the only advocate for it. So you need to speak up more, and asking more questions about where you need to go next will only be a benefit.

  4. What is your favorite thing you’ve ever made? Why?

    Spooks in Savannah. Specifically because not only was it my first big auto-bio book, but I got to tell both a story about ghosts, and also make a point that mental illness isn't caused by said ghosts or demons. There's a large historical precedent for that in religious families, and that stigma needs to end so folks can get the help they need from professionals.

  5. What’s the next evolution for you (or your industry) going to look like?

    With cons having gone on hiatus, I couldn't 100% say but my plan is to move to L.A. I want more opportunities for my art, and I find them more & more out west. Like I said before, I love comics, but I also love galleries, illustration & animation. I'd like to have all of those options available to me on a larger scale.

  6. Who would you partner with (living or dead) for your dream collaboration? And what would you work on together?

    A few years back I illustrated a short story about Hattie McDaniel. I would love to have some time with here to really write & draw a graphic novel about her life being the first black Academy Award winner who did it in a (to this day) racist system & society. Her award is actually lost at this moment, and that's a big part of it; however I think her being able to tell her own story of how hard life was for a successful Black woman would be well worth having out in the world.

  7. You're on death row and it's time for your final meal. What'll ya have?

    Oh man, it'll always be hot wings, and TX BBQ specifically made with post oak as the wood we're smoking with. And don't forget the jalapeño hot links. That's what I grew up on in College Station. I'll wash it down with a couple of those glass bottle Cokes from Mexico.

  8. In a world where you have two hands, all of your pets and loved ones are safe, and your studio is on fire, what do you try to save?

    Since I work on iPad Pro I'd nab that, and my original art from Claire Wendling. She is such a sweet person, and a huge influence. I gotta keep that. I also have a Jaime Hernandez original I'd try to nab at the same time too!

  9. What is one piece of pop culture (movie, tv, artwork, song, etc.) that no matter how many times you return to it you still draw excitement, movement, or inspiration?

    Akira. Always Akira - I think it's the seminal work of science fiction for me, both the film and the manga. I can remember the instant I first saw it growing up, and the awe I felt seeing it on the big screen for the first time a few years ago. It stands alone at the top of the mountain.

  10. I love useless facts. Impress me with a seriously useless fact!

    Infrasound, or low frequency sounds, can cause similar phenomena that folks associate with spooky ghost hauntings.

  11. If you could try any profession other than your own, what would you choose to do?

    I would be a toy designer/sculptor. I think doing action figures would be a pretty sweet gig.

  12. What is your personal strategy/philosophy when it comes to using social media for your work?

    The more personal the better. I want to create personal connections with the work I do, and with the people I engage with. Which means also knowing how to read the room, and generally not be a human trash bag. Our community is small, and making sure it's welcoming to everyone is a place I like to live with in regards to social media.

  13. Speaking of social media, where can people find you?

    @ZakKinsella on Twitter & Instagram mostly. I do have a YouTube channel I'm working on launching, but it's not going to actually be focused on my work #plottwist

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