August 11, 2020

Allie Moreno

  1. What is your name / organization / title?

    Allie Moreno / Plush Art Club / Owner - Creative Dir.

  2. What motivated you to become a maker?

    Art in every sense of the form is in my DNA. I’d be empty without it. I can’t ever recall a time in my life where I wasn’t involved in some artistic craft. Whether that be choir, theatre, band, film, my own personal art projects; I just had to be creating something. I’m in the position now to help new artists grow, collaborate, and show case their work with the newly established Plush Art Club.

  3. Looking back on the early stages of your journey, what advice would you give yourself now?

    As cliché as it is, remember that “It’s a marathon, not a race”. There’s A LOT of hurry up and wait when you’re planting the seeds of your dreams. You have to really trust the process, if you put in the work. We all are embedded with gut instinct. If it’s what you absolutely love don’t self doubt yourself or your choices. It’s ok to completely fall flat on your face. Don’t get stuck on what didn’t work, cross it off the list and on to the next. Someone will love what you do, eventually you will find your audience.

  4. What is your favorite thing you’ve ever made? Why?

    My favorite thing I’ve ever made was a wedding dress for my Alma Maters production of “Cinderella”. I majored in Creative Media, and had to get work study hours in all areas of production. The costume department was run by a no nonsense woman named Claudia Billings, she really pushed me out of my comfort zone. She taught me that you really are capable of learning absolutely anything. She threw me in the deep end and taught me how to make a (very elaborate) gown from start to finish. Design, pattern making, sewing machines, sergers; I mean, she really showed me the ropes and how to work under pressured deadlines. It was surreal getting to see it on opening night, on stage. It really solidified my love for production and the entire camaraderie that comes with it. I knew in that moment I was on my path, I wanted to continue producing art and help others get their work in the center spotlight.

  5. What’s the next evolution for you (or your industry) going to look like?

    Oh goodness, evolving... Evolving really happens under pressure, kind of like a diamond. Right now, this pandemic is really putting pressure on a lot of artists and figuring out how to be innovative in these uncertain times. I have found a lot of growth in returning to basics, in both my entertainment career and in building Plush Art Club. I’ve been honing my chops, making content regularly and holding myself accountable on producing the work. Plush Art Club has been carefully recruiting artists and producing work in many mediums. They’re new ideas outside of the “poster” world, we really wanted to go against the grain. Plush means “luxury”. The goal is to expand across several categories. Fashion, high end collectibles...heck, maybe even wine and spirits. If Jay-Z can have his own vodka, so can we! I just really love our logo on just about everything. I’m a proud mama when it comes to our mascot, Jack the Jackalope (designed by Dave Perillo) The best ideas come from having your back up against a wall and come out on the other side. Those are when the jewels really shine through. It’ll be intriguing to see how the industry changes, how peers adapt through these “challenges”. You can’t kill creation, it only evolves.

  6. Who would you partner with (living or dead) for your dream collaboration? And what would you work on together?

    Easy. Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto. I don’t care what we would on together. I’ll take whatever time I can get with the man. I absolutely love and admire his avant garde aesthetic. Let’s do some work Yohji! That’s my creative heaven.

  7. You're on death row and it's time for your final meal. What'll ya have?

    My moms, green chile chicken tamales with an ice cold Mexican Coke and a slice of her famous tres leches cake for dessert. That’s it’s. That’s the meal. I can die a happy gal.

  8. In a world where you have two hands, all of your pets and loved ones are safe, and your studio is on fire, what do you try to save?

    Two hands eh? I’d immediately scramble for my “Surprise party at memory pond” Carl Barks OG and my grand parents wedding day photo. They’re my biggest heroes.

  9. What is one piece of pop culture (movie, tv, artwork, song, etc.) that no matter how many times you return to it you still draw excitement, movement, or inspiration?

    I’m gonna catch a lot of flack for this due to its controversy in the media recently but “Gone with the Wind” is my all time favorite book AND film. I try to watch it every other year or so. The amount of work it took to film and produce “GWTW” is a monster feat in itself. Not an easy task to do with the little resources they had in the late 30s. It’s so ornate and grandiose in every aspect; Set building, costumes, even it’s run time. It really made quantum leaps for the film industry. For me, it’s a timeless gem. Love her or hate her, Scarlett O’ Hara couldn’t be extinguished. She was unapologetic and had a relentlessly fighting spirit and I learned A LOT from that. Granted as a person of color, I don’t agree with the romanticism of slavery depicted in this film whatsoever; but I do believe this picture shouldn’t be blacklisted. It’s a necessary lesson/masterpiece in the history of film making that continues to inspire me with every viewing.

  10. I love useless facts. Impress me with a seriously useless fact!

    Your lap only exists while you’re sitting, otherwise they’re just a nice pair of gams.

  11. If you could try any profession other than your own, what would you choose to do?

    Aerospace engineering. Let’s get to building! I mean, who doesn’t love the mysteries of the vast cosmos?!

  12. What is your personal strategy/philosophy when it comes to using social media for your work?

    Nowadays, social media is a full time job! I use social media as an open door to me and my personality, first and foremost. I have found that people like supporting people they like and have a connection to. I try to actively engage with everyone who reaches out. I have found a lot of enrichment in a lot of the relationships I have cultivated through social media. I’ve been scouted and have even booked jobs through my social media alone. It can really open doors, so remember to keep in mind to just be nice, be genuine to your fellow followers. You never know what opportunities or connections might present themselves.

  13. Speaking of social media, where can people find you?

    You can find me and Plush Art Club on the gram!

    • @marshmallie_moreno
    • @plushartclub

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