September 15, 2020

Jason Craig

  1. What is your name / organization / title?

    Jason Craig, Senior Designer & Illustrator

  2. What motivated you to become a maker?

    I grew up in the midwest. Everyone in my family tinkers.Welding, woodworking, it was all around me. I began building bicycles at a young age and just hung onto that method of creating.

  3. Looking back on the early stages of your journey, what advice would you give yourself now?

    Absorb everything you can and take advantage of every resource around you.

  4. What is your favorite thing you’ve ever made? Why?

    A few years ago my youngest child discovered Spinal Tap. To this day it’s her favorite movie. I build her a pretty accurate replica of the tiny stonehenge for her room. Boy was she surprised.

  5. What’s the next evolution for you (or your industry) going to look like?

    Going bigger on projects (murals, public art, etc) and teaching others what I have learned.

  6. Who would you partner with (living or dead) for your dream collaboration? And what would you work on together?

    Alexander Calder is my favorite kinetic artist. I have seen several of his mobiles and I am always amazed. He used to make these automated toy parades. I’d love to create something like that.

  7. You're on death row and it's time for your final meal. What'll ya have?

    Shake and bake porkchops. Cheap Macaroni out of the box and a stack of garlic toast as high as you can get it.

  8. In a world where you have two hands, all of your pets and loved ones are safe, and your studio is on fire, what do you try to save?

    Im a sentimental hoarder so this one is tough. I’d save my cribbage board.

  9. What is one piece of pop culture (movie, tv, artwork, song, etc.) that no matter how many times you return to it you still draw excitement, movement, or inspiration?

    Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut

  10. I love useless facts. Impress me with a seriously useless fact!

    Ted Nugent offered to beat up my middle school principal for me.

  11. If you could try any profession other than your own, what would you choose to do?

    Astronaut or baseball commentator

  12. What is your personal strategy/philosophy when it comes to using social media for your work?

    Fill an empty room with art and it becomes a gallery, fill it with trash and it’s a dumpster.

  13. Speaking of social media, where can people find you?

    @jasonthe29th on instagram.

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